Black Diamonds

Ashley Gillentine ordered this welcome canvas as a gift for a newlywed friend. She liked the black and tan because it goes with their current house colors, but it also goes with just about anything in case they move or redecorate. How smart!
Ashley also wanted it to have a more masculine feel. I did the black on black diamonds in the background along with the burlap ribbon to accommodate this request. I think it came off as very clean and classy.


Alison Cummins said…
This one is my all time fave!!!! Gorgeous!
Ashley's Attic said…
Hey, Thanks so much for doing this sign for me! I finally got to visit Mary and Matt at their new house. It was so nice to go see them in a house with an actual kitchen and closets instead of the apartment they had been living in for the past couple of years! This sign was really perfect for making the new house "theirs"! Mary and I had left it on the kitchen table while we went out to eat and by the time we got back, Matt had hung it on the door without even being asked! Thank you thank you, once again!