A Rocket for Andy

This one brought a tear to my eye as I was painting it. Tabetha sometimes talks about the emotion she feels as she is creating a piece of jewelry, and I can certainly relate with this very special canvas. It is going to Andy Dunn to hopefully brighten up his hospital room. Their good friend, Joy Tubb, ordered it for him.
I hate that feeling of helplessness that you get when you hear about someone who is sick, even if it is someone you don't know. Use your gifts to find a way to help, to do something special for them. One way we all can help is to participate in the blood drive for Andy at Westwood Church of Christ on February 18 from 12:00-6:00.
Another way to help is to keep Andy and his family and friends in your prayers.


Sheila said…
Brandi I love this one too! This little does need our prayers and I know you just made his little heart happy with your amazing talent! God bless you!

Thank you so much for your precious kind words about Andy. The sign is perfect! He will be so excited to hang it on his door!

He is such a special little boy to me and my family. Dot, Daryl, and Ray also mean alot to us.

Andy's case hits really close to home with us. Last January we almost lost Dillon. When the doctors tell you that they don't look for them to pull out of it....it sure puts things in new perspective. John and I know exactly how Dot and Daryl feel in alot of ways. We were not dealing with cancer, but...with an illness that didn't have a name. Dillon's wbc got down in the critical zone as well. We know that only through God's amazing grace and everyone's prayers...Dillon has had a full recovery. Since then, I have a totally different outlook on life and know that there is a plan for me through God to help others who are going through a trial just as Dot and Daryl. By being there for them and never letting them feel alone.

Everyone who reads this, please on bended knee pray for this precious angel child. Prayer is what will heal him!

Only Through Him,