Mandy's Naked Door!

Mandy Byars is just one of my favorite customers ever! She is so funny! She sent me an email and the subject line was something like, "Yikes! My front door is naked"!
She wanted something nonseasonal that would look great all year round. My favorite part is that she sent me a picture of her beautiful house and told me to do whatever. I had fun with this one!
I came up with this pretty swirly paisley design. I tried to incorporate the reddish brown color of the wood and the green in the roof. I think these are my new favorite colors!
This is a new size, 8x24, so it is long and skinny which is great for longer names. It looks really neat turned either way. I will have another one just like Mandy's at the Craft Show!
Thanks Mandy! As always, it was a pleasure!


Mandy said…
Brandie you are too sweet!!! And I love it! Since it is suppose to storm tomorrow I didn't want to take a chance on it getting blown away so I am waiting to hang it. LOL! I will send you a pic when I do. Oh and I meant to tell you I love paisley patterns!!