Lauren is three!

My baby girl is three years old today. We had her a little princess party this past weekend, which was right up her alley. She is a princess everyday.
Even though her actual birthday is on Valentine's Day, she thinks the entire month of February is reserved for her and her only! I guess when you are three, the world is supposed to revolve around you!
Here is her beautiful cake made by the very talented Trina Fariss.


Sheila said…
Happy Birthday sweet Lauren! I know she has been a gift to your family, Oh my to celebrate birthday on Valentines Day, what girl wouldn't love that!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Lauren Elizabeth Princess Emily Mansfield! Lol...she is my princess pal that's for sure! That cake was awesome, props to Trina!

Aunt Emily
Alison Cummins said…
Oh my Miss Lauren!! Your cake is gorgeous and you are such a little doll!!! I know you were treated like royalty and deservedly so!!!
Mim said…
What a gorgeous birthday girl! I felt like I could eat that cake off the screen and her dress is beautiful!!! Congrats on being 3, Miss Lauren! Elaine Alsup