The Flu

Carter, Lauren, and I all have the flu. I thought I had been sick before, but nothing has been like this. If you've had it, then you know what I am talking about. It is terrible! We have been completely off of our feet for four days. Please keep us, and our wonderful "Nurse Mike", in your thoughts for a healthy return!


Anonymous said…
I think I am getting a cold too:( Just a sore throat and runny nose.. If I get the flu from you guys I will be mad, just kiddin. I may just be laying around with you though! Hope you get to feeling better!

Ashley Barnes said…
I'm sorry you all are sick! Last I had heard, it was just Carter. Let me know if you need anything.
Sheila said…
Ms. Brandie we miss you and Carter at school...we hope you all are feeling better real soon!
Hi Brandie,

I am so sorry to hear that you guys are under the weather! I had the flu last January when Dillon had just gotten out of the hospital. It is a horrible bug!

I hope you enjoy your dinner tonight! You really deserve it! I fixed your favorite dessert! I hope you are feeling better soon!

Only Though Him,

Mim said…
I'm sending a bushel of well wishes for a quick recovery for all. This nasty bug is just that, NASTY!!!! DO take care and know that I'm thinking of your family.
Elaine Alsup
Kelly said…
Hey Brandie, heard y'all were sick from Mike at the banquet. Hope y'all get to feeling better. I haven't had the flu yet this year but I almost always get it and always get strep throat at least 2x a year. They both are not fun. Well hope y'all feel better.
God Bless