The Five

My friend Joy Tubb at Simply Joy Catering blog tagged me to list five things you may not know about me. I feel like I've already spilled it all...but here it goes!
1. I am an ebay addict. I buy and sell everything on there. Mike refers to it as "my habit".
2. I have lost a total of 61 pounds over the last two years or so. I feel so healthy! Finally!
3. I drove the same car for almost sixteen years. I got a brand new Honda Accord for my sixteenth birthday and had it until I recently got a Honda Odyssey. I cried when I left the lot. If I see one like it on the road, I get a litle misty. I will have another one someday.
4. I want to cruise the Nile. Maybe for our twentieth anniversary???
5. I have never had a broken bone or stitches, and I've nver been to the emergency room for myself. I don't know if I am really careful or really lucky!
Now I am tagging my sis, Ashley, and her new blog. I always get a kick out of everything Allison Cummins writes, so I am tagging her, too! You all have a good day...enjoy the sunshine:).


Alison Cummins said…
Thanks for tagging me! I love the one about your car. I used to have a Honda Accord and I LOVED THAT CAR.