Valentine Shirts Available Now!

Here is my little Valentine! I mean that literally...Valentine's Day is her third birthday! How sweet! She is wearing the youth S (6-8) over pink leggings.
This is a better shot of the shirt Lauren is wearing. Her monogram is on the side. I can do names, too! They definitely are perfect for Valentine's, but can be worn year round.
Here are some of the extras I have ready for sale. First come, first serve:)!
I have one long sleeve youth M (10-12) and one long sleeve youth L (14-16). They are $20.00.
I have two youth S (6-8), two youth M (10-12), and two youth L (14-16) available in short sleeve. Really cute over a pink turtleneck! They are $16.00.
I also have three 18 month rompers for $20.00 each.
Personalization is included in the price.
Ladies, get me a shirt and I'll paint it for you! Just be sure it does not have stain guard. The paint won't stick!
My bow buddy, LeAnn Grissom, has made some beautiful matching hairbows. Check out her blog over on the link "Lots of Loops"! I already have my name on that red sparkly one!


Ashley said…
That is a sweet little valentine girl! We love you Lauren. Those shirts are too cute B!