Ringing in 2008 (with a lot of football!)

I thought this was an appropriate post for me for New Year's Day. In my house, this time of the year means one thing...Bowl Season! There has been so much football on lately with all of the bowls and the whole "will the Titans make the playoffs or won't they" drama that I am just about ready for a sports break. I might get a small one before all of the basketball March madness begins!
Jaxsyn Patterson is a big Miami Dolphins fan. Bless his heart, he must be true blue after the season they had! I like those true blue fans! Lindsey Matheny wanted me to do him a Dolphins jersey for Christmas. I was more than happy to do it, but I cannot use copyright logos. Another good example is the Centracchio's Red Sox snowmen. It is navy and red and the pennant just says, "Go Sox!".
The NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and all other sports affiliates are very specific about not using their images without permission. However, I can do the color schemes, which is what I did here for Jaxsyn. It turned out clean, simple, and perfect for any Dolphin's fan!