Our Granny P

My grandmother, Frances Hobbs, turned 83 this past Tuesday. We had her a little party. Somehow, we have all affectionately come to call her Granny P. I don't know how it started, but it just fits. My kids think their great-grandmother hung the moon. Could it be because she spoils them a little?
The amazing thing is that she still goes to work every day. She keeps the books and does the payroll for the family business, Warren County Nursery. I made her a canvas for her office door for her birthday. She is also an active bowler. She bowled four games the afternoon before her party. She was also a bowler in the Senior Olympics.
She, and other women like her, are an inspiration to me. I want to stay busy, active, and most definitely happy for a long time. Life is too short to be sick and tired! To be 83 and still on top of your game is something to be proud of. I hope you all have a Granny P in your life! She makes me think of that quote, "Do what you love, and love what you do."