Girly Girl

Natalie and Anslee Grace Miller are the girliest girls I know! They always look drop dead gorgeous! Natalie redeemed her gift certificate for one little dress up girl and Anslee's name for the door to her room. She also got a farm themed one for Aiden's door. That one will be posted soon!
She chose pink and lavender. I added this pretty sheer lavender ribbon that has a little sparkle in it. The whole thing is also lightly sprayed with glitter...that just seemed to fit!
For the little girl, Natalie requested brown curly hair, a feather boa, and that she needs to be wearing her mom's high heels. Cute!
I may have to do one of these with blond curly hair for my Lauren!


Natalie Miller said…
Thank you Brandie!
Anslee is our little princess and she does love to dress up! Thank you so much! She loves it