Busy, Busy!

I am so backed up on orders! I am also trying to get some new things together for the craft show. Meanwhile, I am working full time, teaching for Chole's and for Tennessee Tech, active in church, J.A., and just being a mom and wife. I also have a few trips, a "Ladies' Night", and a birthday party planned for February. My calendar looks insane! While I do feel so very bessed to have so many positive things happening for me, I am feeling a little overwhelmed.
Due to all of this activity at once, I am no longer taking canvas orders. I want to keep the quality of my work at a very high standard. I am afraid that feeling rushed is going to take away from that. I want to be sure that each order has had all of the time and attention that it deserves. I will begin taking orders again at the arts and craft show on March 8th.
I will keep posting, so please keep checking the blog and planning your spring orders. Thank you for all of your orders. I appreciate your business more than you know and look forward to working for you all again soon!