An Award...

Joy Tubb over at Simply Joy Catering gave me the "Great Tip Award"! It was so nice to be thought of, especially for something so sweet. Joy is such a wonderful Christian example for us all. She is always so honest and real. I like that in a person!
I want to thank everyone who sent me such great comments and emails about my originality thoughts. I want to be sure that you all know that I was not calling any single person out, but rather thinking about my own individuality.
Either way, you all gave me a bit of a pep talk and I am all charged up again! I am coming back with some handpainted t-shirts and rompers, adorable wooden garbage cans, and some very elegant wooden plates. I will be revealing them little by little on the blog, but they will all be available at the Bobby Ray Spring Arts and Crafts Show in March. If anyone else would like booth space contact me or the school at 473-9006. Thanks again to all my girls! It's good to know you've got my back....I feel the same about all of you. Let's all have a rockin' 2008!



Thank You for your sweet, sweet comments about me!

You are the sweetest and I so enjoy your friendship! You and your family are just precious!

You amaze me with all of your energy and talent! Keep up the wonderful work!

In Him,