Christmas Card Preview

I sent off our Christmas card order yesterday! Yea! I love sending out Christmas cards...and getting them. I don't know why, but I always have. I especially like the ones with pictures! I hang them all together over the archway to our den.
I have kept a copy of all of ours throught the years. Mike and I look like babies in that first one. I am wanting to get them all framed together.
Emily took this one for us last Sunday at my parents' house. We were all spiffed up for church! I had to round everybody up before we changed into our "play clothes". Can you tell that Carter is not wanting to show his missing teeth?


Marsha said…
Lovely, Lovely family photo!!!
Sheila said…
Great pic!! I keep mine and everyone else picture xmas cards. I love to look back over them and see all the changes in our