Lunch Lady Land

Does anyone else remember that Adam Sandler skit for SNL where Chris Farley is the lunch lady and they sing the "Lunch Lady Land" song? It is one of our favorites! Every time Mike walked through and saw me working on this, he had to sing it!

Everybody knows Joy Tubb and about her wonderful food! She has Lunch Lady Catering and does box lunches which she delivers to you at work. My favorites are the croissants and chocolate covered strawberries! She also has her wedding/party catering business called Simply Joy Catering.

She wanted a couple of signs for the upcoming Civic Center craft show in chocolate, cream, and "Tiffany box" blue. She also requested a very clean, classic design.
Thanks, Joy, and good luck!



I just love them! I could not wait until Monday to see them when I picked them up! You are so talented! Thank you so much! You are so very blessed by God with such a talent!