Home Sweet Home

This is a more neutral version of the Home Sweet Home I did for myself a while back. It was lime green to match my fabulous new welcome mat:). I love it in tans and browns, too.
It seems like I have done several of these lately! Lindsey had two or three in her holiday order. Brandi Murphy also ordered one as a gift. I can't remember exactly who this one belongs to!
When I can, I do canvases in batches. Right now I am doing a batch of snowmen, assembly line style. I do the all of the light blue skies, the white bodies and snowflakes, the gray shading, all of the eyes, mouths, and top hats, and so on. It saves me a lot of time in getting out the bottles of paint and the right sizes of brushes. If you have a snowman ordered, it will be ready very soon:)!