Sweet Read Award

I have been awarded the "Sweet Read of the Day" by Miss McKenna Rhea. Not only was that so sweet and thoughtful, it was also one of my favorite things...a surprise! The award is proudly displayed on my sidebar and there is a link to McKenna's site if you would like to check that out. If you need a pick me up, that is the place to go. She always has a sunny, positive outlook!

I am now supposed to pass the award along to a blog I check almost daily and is my "sweet read". I am giving it to Tabetha and Sephanie. Those are the two that I honestly make time to check every single day. I like Tabetha's for her creative inspiration, but also her spiritual inspiration. I always like knowing what Stephanie is up to and that is the only way I can keep to with my sister, Emily!


Thank you! I am amazed at your talent as well and so happy to call you a friend! I love all of your christmas creations!!!