Some of Lindsey's Snowmen!

Lindsey Matheny tells me that people come up to her and ask, "Are you the Lindsey with the big holiday list?". She is indeed that Lindsey. She is expecting baby Ella in early January, so she called me a while back to help her out with her Christmas shopping. She has a large, very close and very sweet, family.
These two adorable snowmen are a small part of her order and I couldn't resist posting them! I won't tell you who the top one is for because it is a gift. I love the hot pink, lavender, aqua, and lime for winter. Those seem like summer colors to me, but they turned out great on a snowman. The bottom one if for Lindsey's house. It is the classic snowman. I mixed it up a little by just doing the head really big and leaving off the body. I try to make each one a little different!