A Big Happy Snowman Family

Okay, Tammy Sliger, your snowman family was the bee's knees at the Autumn Street Fair last week! Everybody loved it! Since I took this photo, I've added a pretty striped ribbon to hang it with. These 12x24 canvases are braced in the center. I had not thought about this, but it will need a ribbon to hang when hung the long way instead of up and down.
I have a few more families to do now. It is great because this one can be made to fit your family. Not only are the names and the number and size of the snowmen tailored to you, but also the colors and accessories! I am wanting to one of just grandchildren! All of my 12x24's are $40.00.


Sheila said…
OMG, what a great christmas gift for my sweet MIL. I love the idea of only grandchildren, Brandie please contact me.
Alison Bynum said…
Brandie - I want to order a couple of things. Can you email me at Alison.Bynum@comcast.net to get them started? I don't know how else to get you.
B will you email me? I have an order. Thanks!