Where I Am...

Okay y'all, this is where I am. I know there are several of you who are waiting so patiently for your orders. I have been really backed up and am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Actually, I hope that tunnel leads to another busy spurt of holiday activity after the Autumn Street Fair. I want to thank all of you for ordering and hopefully really enjoying my work. I do love doing it for you!
I will be taking a little time off to enjoy Fall Break with my kids. I will be going to Chicago with girlfriends, cleaning out the garage and office, and having a yard sale as well. (September 22nd - be there or be square!) I also want to use that time to make up some stock to have things to sell at the street fair! This is the first time I haven't just been there with samples and taken orders. I am so excited about that!
With all of that going on, be sure to get you Christmas orders in early. I will be cutting off the holiday orders on November 1st to be sure you get them in time! Fall and Halloween orders need to be in now so you will have time to enjoy them. I liked having the list to keep me in line so much, I decided to keep it. Check the running tally on the side for progress! Thanks!