These Two Went to Texas

One of the great things about the blog is meeting people from tons of different places! The nicest lady from Texas, Jennifer Perez, contacted me about doing a couple of canvases for her recently. The first one is for her business, Jennifer Perez Designs. She needed a small sign to take with her to craft shows and things like that. I used her signature design on her business card for the canvas layout and colors.
I have done business signs for Reminisce Heirlooms and Stephanie Edens Photography. These are great for your workspace, but like with Jennifer, to take with you as well. Okay, Wild Crowe, Miss Paula's Cookies, Sew Sweet, and Sweet Memories (and any other little businesses:)...we need to talk!!!
The second one is for her daughter, Isabela. I made a mistake and left off the "a". I felt so bad about that! Luckily, Jennifer is very creative and after a few emails to get the right color, she was able to fix it without sending it back! She really like little Halle LaForte's princess canvas and wanted is adapted to fit on a 5x5 canvas.
I really liked how they both turned out! Plus, I just love the thought of my canvases all the way in Texas.