Teachers Make a Difference

Teachers really do make a difference! Teaching is sometimes a thankless job and you don't realize how hard it is until you have done it yourself. How nice to start off the school year with a little "thank you just for being our teacher" gift!
I think Tonya Scott had a great idea when she ordered these two canvases for both of her children's teachers. This was such a thoughtful way to begin the new school year.
I just have to say that I know these two teachers personally, and they are good ones. Mrs. Burton and Mrs. Eva really are out there making a difference everyday. Way to go, ladies!
Both of these are on a new slightly smaller size of 6x9 and cost $20.00. This size was popular during the Fourth of July with the flags. Teacher names can be done on any size in any color combination. Keep this these in mind for Christmas!!


Tonya said…
These are beautiful Brandie. Thanks so much!!