A Sports Nut

Are all little boys sports nuts? I know mine is! My dad was a race fan, but with four girls in the house he didn't get to watch much TV. Since I did not grow up with brothers, I wonder if all boys are as crazy about sports as my husband and son are and exactly what the attraction is.
Sweet little Will Vance is no exception. He is a true sports fan. He has a sports bedroom and now a new blue sports bathroom. He likes for all of his clothing to be sports related. He usually has a football nearby at all times!
I personally was never an athlete or really even a fan. It was not until later in my life that I was around people who were. While I will never have that love of the game that Will and my boys do, I have developed a respect for it.

I thought of that love as I was painting these for Will. If all little boys don't have passion for sports, I hope they have that passion for something. I also hope they have parents like Anne and Jeff, who will be there to help nourish those dreams (and paint their bathrooms blue:).


B- These are some of my favorite ones! Little Will's room will rock.
Stacey said…
Brandie - All of my boys aren't little but they would love these pictures. These are awesome. Yes, Will would come to the baseball games last year with his dad and he was so good. He loved to watch like Connor does. As you say, all children big and little need a passion and to follow it. It doesn't matter if it is sports, music or whatever-- they need to follow their dreams.