New Beads Add So Much

Okay, so I have been wanting to do something a little different, and I kept seeing all of these beautiful glass beads. I am no jewelry maker, but I fell in love with all of the colors and shapes! I talked to my good friend (and local bead expert:) Tabetha Sullens about my idea and if it would even work. She thought is was a great idea and gave me some tips! Thanks Tabetha!
A wire is attached to the back of the canvas in the wooden frame with a staple gun and wound around itself. Then I string the beads and attached the wire again on the other end of the canvas creating a "handle" to hang it by. I thought it would be a nice alternative to the ribbon.
This is the first one. This is one of my favorite little sayings! I used all of those bright, pretty colors and a funky font. Then I got to enjoy the fun part of picking and choosing all of my favorite beads! This one is 5x5 and costs $15.00. It will be available at the Street Fair!

I went a little bead crazy and ordered several "theme" glass beads. I will also have some Halloween, snowmen, just married, new baby, and every holiday canvases available with the coordinating bead work.
If you guys like them as much as I liked making them, it will be "the bomb" as Paula says! My creative fire has been rekindled! Who knew!