Halloween Is On the Way!

Halloween is one of my absolute favorite times on the year. Fall is definitely my favorite season. I love that little nip of cool in the air after the heat of summer. I love sweaters and jeans!
I did the candy corn to get my Halloween juices flowing. Julie La Forte sent me a picture of a cute little witch. I want to try something like that, too. I have candy corn decorations in my house. Not only do I like to eat them, but I like to look at them, too! This one is available for $25.00. I will have more at the Autumn Street Fair!
My good friend Anne Vance called to do a "funky pumpkin" for her front door. I was so excited to do something fun and different - perfect for Anne! This one could be done in lots of color combinations - it is just so bright and cheerful!
Both of these are 10x10 and cost $25.00. These designs will also work on any other size as well. Order now for Halloween!


Tammy said…
Brandie ... Those are both so cute. I wish I had half of your talent. See ya Friday night!!
Brandie said…
The candy corn is now takena as well. Thanks Mandy! I hope you enjoy it!!!
Mandy said…
I LOVE it! Can't wait till it's closer to Halloween so I can hang it up. Saylor wanted to know why you didn't give her something too. LOL. I told her we would work on something for her.