Dawson's Plaid

I love, love, love the plaid! Carter and Lauren's nurseries were both in light blue and yellow plaid and gingham, so I guess I am a little partial. It makes me think of my babies!
An old high school buddy, Mandy Goolsby Byars, ordered this 10x10 square canvas as a gift for a baby shower. What a perfect gift! I love the polka dots as much as anyone else, but I think the plaid is my new fave...I just can't wait to see it a bunch of other colors. I am thinking a fall plaid for my door!
I posted the picture of the back of the canvas to show you the latest step I am taking to be sure that all of work s of the highest quality. I am now stapling the ribbon to back of the canvas instead of just hot gluing. When the canvas on my door got hot in afternoon sun, the glue kept melting and it would fall. If yours does the same, please let me know and I will come running with my staple gun!


Mylie and Me said…
something else to consider... The ones you make for the babies are sleeping, you might put felt on the corners so it does not bang on the door as you close it. I did this to mine and it works great.
Brandie said…
What a great idea! Thanks! Okay girls, you are going to be seeing felt corners next!