A Perfect Pumpkin

The sweet Miss Paula Wanamaker ordered something fall for her house this season. She says she has all of the other seasons covered with a snowman and an American flag, but needed something "fall-y". What could be more fall-y than a pumpkin?
I love this pumpkin because it looks a little less traditional with the background stripes. I also like it because it is not a jack-o-lantern and can be used longer, all the way through Thanksgiving.
Paula's pumpkin is on the 12x24 size canvas and costs $40.00. If you would like a fall themed canvas, contact me now to be sure you get it in enough time to really enjoy it!


Paula Wanamaker said…
I LOVE IT!!!!! I have it hanging in my kitchen, so I can see it while I cook! Everyone has to pass by it to get to the living room. It's an eye-catcher for sure!
Thanks for doing this for me and hope you enjoyed your cookies!
Brandie said…
I will always, always, always paint for chocolate:)! I'm so glad you like it!