One Big Ladybug!

Tara Collins called me to to come over and look at Courtlyn's room to get ideas. I had no idea their new house was so big and beautiful. Tara has a real flair for decorating - it is so pretty! It made me want to go home and redo things...or at least clean!!
Courtlyn has this pretty pink room with white furniture and pink and green bedding. Tara wanted bugs! How cute! She had found sort of what she wanted on the internet, with a few tweaks to make it more custom fit for their needs.

When I photographed the ladybug in Lauren's bedroom, it showed the detail, but you just didn't get the feel of how big it is. This is a 24x36 canvas, measured to fit perfectly between her windows. The butterfly and the snail are on 12x24 canvases. When I delivered the pieces after church Wednesday night, I took this picture of Courtlyn in her jammies so you can see the size.
I thought this was so sweet...Tara told me she wanted to wait up for her pictures and see them before she went to sleep. That is why I love what I do!
Tara also had some neat things ordered for the bathroom that are to be posted later! A big thanks to the lovely Collins ladies! Sweet dreams!