Boys and Girls

Here are my two babies doing what they do best which is being a typical boy and girl. It is when I capture little moments like these that I like being a parent the best. They seem so happy and content in their little worlds.
My husband Mike is a good husband, but he is an even better father. Since Carter has fallen in love with anything sports related, those two are like peas and carrots! Mike even took Carter to the Titans training camp and spent the afternoon in the 100 degree heat. Now that is a dedicated dad!
My little Lauren is currently a little princess. She has taken to wearing a pink tutu over everything as well had high heels and a fur trimmed tiara. She also "mothers" everything that will let her. Here she is with her favorite outfit on over her pajamas as she takes good care of her baby.

Thanks for letting me digress and be a proud mama for a little bit!