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My very talented friend Tabetha Sullens has officially blog tagged me. I saw where Stephanie had sort of tagged me with her general "all of my friends who have blogs are now tagged" comment, but I ignored that one. Sorry Steph...I guess I wanted to be called out to the yard as you like to put it! Anyway, here are the eight weird things you may not know about me.

1. I would like to learn how to ride a motorcycle. I think the people in those helmets with the shiny covers look so mysterious. I would definitely have one of those!

2. I have been bitten by the travel bug. I am always looking for my next trip. One the horizon is a girlfriends shopping extravaganza to Chicago in October. I can hardly wait!!! I think I want to be a travel agent when I grow up;)!

3. I thought I had OCD until I started reading some about you guys! lol! I don't count things or anything, but I do need to have things in a certain order or there is definitely stress in my life. I am working on letting things go and being the free spirit I know I am deep inside.

4. I never wanted to be a teacher. As a child, that was not my dream. My dream was to be an artist. I sort of fell into teaching and love it. I guess I missed the boat on that one!

5. I want to learn to play the electric guitar and the drums. Doesn't that look like an awesome way to get out all of your frustrations? Maybe all my blogger friends could take up an istrument and we could start a band! Sometimes I pretend while I am driving.

6. I am terrible at math, RSVPing, sitting still, posing for pictures, driving the lawnmower, and I absolutely hate going to the dentist even for a routine cleaning.

7. I have voices picked out for my cat and dog. When they give me certain looks, I like to pretend I know what they are saying. Usually they think I am crazy. My cat D has a British accent and my dog Riley sounds like Matt Damon.

8. I like holding hands with my husband, my kids' feet, running, cooking dinner, painting, reading Us Weekly (to which I have a subscription), date nights, my girlfriends, going to concerts, walking at night, Sunday lunch at my mom's, my Converse All-Stars, freshly waxed eyebrows, my church family, a clean sink, and my two sweetheart sisters.


This is good! I loved reading it. Thanks for the info...
Emily said…
Hey B! I loved your 8 made me laugh out loud. Especially Riley visualizing Riley with a Matt Damon voice! It made me miss you guys and those sweet kiddos:) Oh and I love the pumpkin and stripe canvas...very cute. See ya soon!

Stephanie Edens said…
haha...i'm used to being ignored--i have 3 kids. :)

you and chad should get together on the motorcycle thing...he wants one so badly. i just can't see myself on the back of one. maybe you guys could get bikes with the side carts and mike and i could ride shotgun!

have a great day!!!