Just "Hoppy" to be Here!

Am I blue? No, not really! I don't know why I chose the new blue color scheme. Today was my first day back to school. I am really excited and I have an absolutely wonderful class. I am feeling a bit tired and overwhelmed. Doesn't school always start out that way?
Mrs. LeAnne Grissom is getting ready to go back to school, too. She is a teacher at Westwood Preschool. She emailed requesting a "girlie frog" for her room. I tried out a new background with swirlies instead of dots. Cute! She also said she wanted the pink and green combination. I love those two colors together! This would look so cheerful and welcoming on a classroom door!
This one is a bit smaller than the other teacher canvases I have done so far. It is 8x10 and costs $25.00. They are selling like hotcakes :) for the beginning of the year, but keep them in mind at Christmas time as well!


LeAnne G said…
Oh my gosh!!!! Brandie I love it... I can't wait until I can hang it on my door. The kids will love it. It is exactly what I had pictured. You did and awsome job!!!!
michelle said…
How darling! What a great job you did! :)