A Few Vacation Pics

We are back from a very busy, but relaxing, week in Florida. We mostly laid in the sand in Daytona Shores, but we did get out and do a little! We spent a day at Disney's Animal Kingdom...and spent the next day recovering! It was beautiful and the animals were amazing. We also did a day at Six Flags on our way back home. Carter got to meet the superheroes, which was the highlight of his trip. Lauren discovered the joy of roller coasters. I can't wait to post the pictures of us out on the boat (as soon as Emily gets them to me)! Mike and I had the most fun just watching their little faces. That just makes everything worthwhile.
The last picture is great of Lauren. That is chocolate around her mouth. She literally collapsed at the dinner table one night and was carried in to bed. This pretty much sums up how we all feel today! It is good to be home again!