Caroline's Funky Dots

Tonya Scott is redecorating Caroline's room and wanted something special to hang above the headboard of her bed. She emailed me a photo of her new bedding, which is hot pink and lime green.
She wanted something that could grow with her and last a while. They both liked the dots! I thought this design with the funky letters was very appropriate for a little girl. It would look great in a teenager's room as well.
I also did this one a new canvas size that is available since Caroline is a pretty long name. It is a 10x30 - very long and skinny. It can be turned either way. I have visions of giraffes, trains, ice cream cones, snakes...I could go on and on! It conveniently fits great above a bed or any narrow space. This size costs $60.00. I don't recommend a ribbon for this size because of the weight of the extra brace in the center.


Stephanie Edens said…
The canvas is adorable, but what I really want to say is...Look at you, Brandie Mansfield!!! That profile picture is BEAUTIFUL!!!
ME too!!! That is what I am chiming in for.... just gorgeous!!! I am excited you are back home safely. Looks like you all had a great time.
Brandie said…
Thanks girls! It was from our trip...and I did a little editing!! I am trying to get it to pop up when I leave a comment. I'll keep working, but I may call you all for help!!