Aren't They a Nice Couple?

Don't they look like a nice couple? Okay, this is just us! You do have to admit that it looks like someone else! Maybe it just feels that way to me. Someone we met on our trip took this picture of us with their camera phone and emailed it to us. Don't you love technology? I had forgotten to take my camera to this party they had for all of the honeymoooners and anniversary couples. I guess I was reliving the fun after my second day of inservice and decided to share this one!


Tammy said…
You two look so cute.(love your tan)!!
Sheila said…
Brandie WOW!!!!! Great Picture, I am so proud of you. I talked w/ your Mom and Emily and I told them how often I visit your site. You have such talent. God has truly blessed you and your family. You look amazing and your going to have to tell me your secret. I have joined the rank of blogers, check it out if you have time (work in progress)
see ya
michelle said…
I stumbled upon your blog, and am so glad I did! I would love to place an order. My e-mail addy is Thanks bunches! )