Snakes and Snails

I spent my second week of spring break working on an outdoor/camping mural for Amy Knight's sweet little boys, Eli and Andrew. I finally got it finished, and realized I had forgotten my camera! I can't wait to get it posted. I am so proud of it!
Anyway, they are getting new bunk beds and we wanted to put their names on the wall near those. The beds aren't here yet! I painted the canvases wall color and put their names on them. This also gives her a little more flexibility when moving things around.
I used my new "Wiggle" font in colors that are prominent in the mural. Around the outside it says, "Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails, that's what little boys are made of". If you know Eli and Andrew, you know that they are all boy! They were very curious about me drawing and painting on the wall. I hope I didn't give them any ideas! I thought that little saying was just perfect for them. Thank you, Amy and Branch, for letting me into your home for an entire week! I hope you whole family enjoys your mural for a long time!