On Location

Talk about hard to get in front of the camera! The photographer did not want to be photographed, but I did get one of her. Here she is placing the new sign for her studio in the window. I loved this picture and just couldn't resist using it. Don't be too mad, Stephanie...you are beautiful!
She wanted a sign to hang in the door for when they are out shooting during office hours. She requested cream and black to match the studio colors. I used the camera from her logo. She really seemed to like it and I am so glad! These could be done for any business...open, closed, welcome, out to lunch, etc. This one is 6x9 and the cost is $25.00. Thanks again, Stephanie! Your work is gorgeous.
p.s. You inspired me to try a new gadget (sepia tint) on iPhoto!!


Stephanie Edens said…
OH MY WORD!!! Look at that pot belly and double chin :)

The sign is GORGEOUS, though! haha...

Alison Bynum said…
stephanie - zip it!
LOVE your new sign!
Brandie I was in Steph's studio yesterday and FLIPPED OVER THIS!!! ROCK ON SIS!!!