Love Those Polka Dots!

I did this one a while back for Tara Collins. Her little doll, Courtlyn, has a hot pink and green ladybug bedroom - too cute! Her name is pretty long, so instead of "scrunching" it up, she chose the longer 12x24 size canvas. I think it turned out great and would look fabulous in a ladybug room! I can't wait to do another one for Tara. Congratulations on the new pregnancy to a great mom!
This one would also be great for all of those graduating seniors to put in their apartments or dorm rooms. I think it would be cool to add a tiny "Class of 2007" in one of the dots. A new hairstylist in town, Whitney Miller, also ordered one with a pair of little scissors and and a little comb to put in her new shop. These look great in any color scheme and with monograms instead of full names. To see more of the polka dots, check out prior posts.