The Frog Prince

Mrs. Elaine Alsup ordered "something in green" for a little boy's nursery door. She told me she knew they were using green and that there was a frog nightlight they had registered for on the Pottery Barn website.
When I went and looked it up for ideas, I fell in love. I know that sounds fall in love with a nightlight. It was sooo cute! It is this little frog prince nightlight made out of paper. I would love to see an entire nursery designed around that. That gives me some good mural ideas! I love that "frog prince" theme and all the different shades of green together.
These little 5x5 canvases are $12.00 each. Even though the moons were the original design, anything can be put on them. Thanks Elaine! I hope little Benjamin's family likes this one as much as I did!!