Back In the Day

Last night at church, a little bird (Alpha Rhea) told me that the blog was regularly being checked at MTSU. I don't ever really know who is checking the blog - unless they leave me a comment. I am always so happy to hear when people are reading and enjoying and coming back !
So, McKenna, this one is for you. I was a Blue Raider myself, back in the day! I've posted a photo from my favorite college Spring Break ever. Two buddies and I went to Savannah for the St. Patrick's Day celebration. We were freezing our butts off on the beach - but we had fun!
Everyone says to "find yourself" in college. While that may be good advice, there are lots of other things to find, too. Don't forget to find friends, good times, laughter, cheap food, love, a road trip or two...and, oh yeah, a good education!
I love to read those comments, by the way. They always make me smile!


McKenna said…
Yes, Mom was right, I do check your page everyday!! I absolutely love what you do, and I'll be ordering some stuff for my apartment next fall! Thanks for adding me in your blog! See you at church!! :)