As American as Apple Pie

For the baseball lover in all of us...I have to admit that I am not much of a sports fan period. However, I have come to appreciate baseball. My husband and son are absolutely enamored with everything baseball. As I was working on this one for the Sliger boys' bedroom, they were constantly peeking over my shoulder. I have to admit that I am now working on a Mansfield version for our home.
I took two photos, the top one is to show how nice it looks on a tabletop display. (That is Mike's glove and ball in the foreground!) The bottom one is to show more detail. This one is on my new favorite sized canvas, 14x14 square and the cost is $35.00. This one could also be done in other colors and even other sports. I would love to try a football version. Are you listening, Anne Vance?? Just kidding!


Tammy said…
Brandie....You just blow my mind everytime I get something new from you. You have a amazing talent. Rylan and Andy loved the baseball ticket canvas. I thought it was to to cute. I look forward to getting more "Brandie Mansfield"
Love Ya
Brandie said…
Thank you, Tammy. I enjoy doing things for you. Thank you for your huge compliments! Anytime!!!