I thought that after all of the sports related posting, I needed a more feminine touch! The daisies are some of my most popular for little girl (and big girl!) rooms. The top one was the first and most common. It can be done in any color combination. This pastel one is a favorite, along with an aqua background. The font is in my handwriting.
The other daisy was for Bree Hillis. Her nursery is in lady bugs. Cute! I did a daisy that is cropped. It does continue around the side of the canvas so it can be hung without a frame. All of my canvases can! I added the ladybugs to match her room. Butterflies, bees, and dragonflies are a cute addition as well. This is the "curlz" font.


Monti Hillis said…
Bree's picture looks as cute on your page as it does in her room!! We just love it. Bree thanks you again and we wish you good luck in your new business, Monti