Show Us Your Life Series - Kitchens

Today I am participating in Kelly's Korner's Show Us you Life Series and she is featuring kitchens.  I love that my kitchen is totally open to the rest of the house.  Lots of times it is more of a walk way than a room!  We have been here about three months and I'm still getting used to it.  I've never had recessed lighting before.  It is now my favorite thing and I am infatuated with the dimmer!

Here's where eat all of that good food!  The small hallway to the laundry room, our bedroom, and the stairs to the bonus room is between this area and the kitchen.

Here's my view most of the time!  I like that I can stand here and watch the living room TV and keep an eye on the kids, too.  We did not build this house.  The cream sink looks good, but is a pain to keep clean!

This is the far wall of the kitchen and it houses this little cabinet and the doorway to what is designed to be a dining room.  I use that room as my studio/office.  I love soft lamplight...maybe that's why I'm obsessed with my dimmers!

Here's where the cooking takes place.  I am still mastering the gas stove!

I didn't want the top of the cabinets completely full.  As you can see, I like to keep things pretty simple.  However, it needed a little something.  I found this pretty berry garland, added an old clock, and a touch of blue with the mosaic finial and bowl.

Thanks for visiting my kitchen!  I can't wait to go and tour all of yours!


misssrobin said…
I love your kitchen, especially the view into the tv room. You can work and still feel like part of the family. Very nice.

Stopping by from SITS.
Brandi said…
Haha!! This is funny, I posted a comment on your blog last week and you did mine, too. And your kitchen is AGAIN one of my first to look at in random order!!! Very pretty though, in all my ramblings!!!!
Karrie said…
Simple indeed. Simply lovely!
Marla said…
Beautiful kitchen! Love that sink, but I can imagine it would be hard to keep clean! Also love the openness of it all! Makes it so nice for the family!
Jessica said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)
Pretty kitchen. I love soft lamplight, too, so I understand. ;-)
A said…
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Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love that built in cabinet with the soft light. So inviting!