Giveaway Winner #5 guys love some Ashley's Attic! I posted early this morning and did not get a chance to even look at it until lunch. I was surprised and thrilled to see over two hundred comments. The ending total was 507! That is wonderful!
Paige's your lucky night and 49 is your lucky number! You are our winner! Congratulations to you! Please send me your email so I can get all of details out to you and Ashley.
Thank you all for checking in several times today and making the giveaway series such a success. Be sure to come on back tomorrow for an extra sweet giveaway!
Good night!


Paige Todd said…
Thank you so much Brandi for the awesome giveaway! This has been so much fun! And a big thank you to Helen and Ashley!!!
my email is
Thanks again!!!!!! :)
Ashley's Attic said…
Yay! Congrats Paige! I'll email you details in a bit about when you can pick up your prize.
Paige Todd said…
Thanks Ashley! Laurel is super excited and so am I!