Today Is My Birthday

For my birthday, I decided to post some pictures from the past. It was fun going back through the old albums looking for the right ones. I had a little trip down memory lane in my attic last night! On birthdays, as I adjust to that new number, I think about what a great life I've had. I am very fortunate in so many ways; great parents and sisters, a good man by my side, two beautiful, smart children, great job and coworkers, cozy home, I could go on and on. Everything I have is not the best or most expensive, but I truly want for nothing and am comfortable. What more could you want than to be comfortable? Here's to life! Enjoy my memory lane, just don't laugh too hard!
Yep, that's me with my dad. Aren't we a pair?

This is closest I will ever get to sharing those awkward middle school photos. They are really bad! Here is the big hair, torn jeans, Guns and Roses circa 1987 look. I rocked it with pride on the family vacay. Yes, that is Ashley. She may kill me later!

This is one of my high school graduation photos. I tried to choose the least embarassing, but it was hard! My outfit choices clearly were not that well thought out. I think back to this time and remember that on top of the world feeling. Senior year, graduation, summer before college...good times!

Here I am during my sophomore year in college; otherwise known and the art major/hippie phase in my life. I studied art history one summer semester in Italy. This is my friend Lena and I taking it easy at a little trattoria in Gubbio, Italy. Mike had just came into my life and I was really finding out who I was and what I wanted out of life.

Don't dread your birthday. Don't ignore your birthday. Use it as a day to celebrate your life, the people who share it with you, and your very precious memories!

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Ashley Barnes said…
Happy Birthday!! Was it really necessary to humiliate me also?? :) I'm glad my legs have fattened up!
Stephanie Edens said…
oh my goodness!!!


love, love the pictures...I seriously had to do a double take on the image with your dad! I wish I had a picture of me in my flour sack dress :)

love you...have a great day!!!

Mim said…
Happy Birthday! 28 days from now, I will celebrate one myself. Isn't it great! I will have a new granddaughter by then and school will be out! YEAH! Have a wonderful day and enjoy!
Stacey said…
Happy, happy belated birthday to you! My Jeremy turned 16 yesterday. I can't believe it. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Hope you have lots of fun celebrating!!
Saylorsmom said…
Those pictures are so great! Happy Birthday! You have the same birthday as Tim McGraw!! LOL
Sheila said…
Happy Birthday! OMG, I love the pics. I agree with Steph I did not realize your dad was ever that young! lol Joking!!! Thank you for sharing, and yes I do remember your trip and I also remember Mike and Richard going to a game out of town and when I mention your name, OMG the flood gates opened, he couldn't stop talking about you! I think that is when I realized you guys were going to be together forever! He sure missed you and his love was showing thru. I am so we are friends. You look just as beautiful today as you did in the very first pics. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.